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Advantages of the teaching kit electronic stethoscope

Advantages of the teaching kit electronic stethoscope

Stethoscope utility is enormous and its field of application goes from cardiology to internal medicine. It´s using in cardiac and respiratory auscultation sounds; the stethoscope is using for cardiac and respiratory sounds, essential for every doctor. But, even though learning to use a stethoscope is easy, How to know what is the problem if you can´t listen at the same time than your instructor?

The eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope is a new initiative in the exploration and auscultation of the patients. It provides numerous professional features aimed to improve diagnosis and treatment as, amplification of the sound, recording of the auscultation, exchanging chest pieces, putting cardiac and pulmonary filters, etc.

fonendoscopio digital casos de uso

eKuore Pro Teaching Kit is the perfect solution for universities, medical students, and residents. It is the ideal solution for medicine teachers and internships because it allows to:

#1. Practical clinic visit.

The Teaching Kit electronic stethoscope make easier to students learn during clinic visits without bothering the patient at all.

    • Listening six people simultaneously in medical consultation without bothering the patient at all.
    • Improve the student´s comprehension and enable practical clinic visits.
    • The educational stethoscope allows the auscultation recording and edition, which make more natural learning.

kit_educativo_fonendoscopio_estetoscopio_universitario_digital ekuore_pro_visita_clinica_práctica

#2. Teacher in the classroom.

It is a teacher help because improves the assimilation of the students.

    • Bring closer to different pathologies detection, make possible to visualize the phonogram.
    • The teaching kit electronic stethoscope includes a database, which enables to display the phonogram of each pathology.
    • All of this allows students to approach reality.

kit_educativo_estetoscopio_universitario_digital_ekuore pro_profesor_en_el_aula

#3. Virtual classroom.

Students can continue learning in their houses thanks to the educational kit.

    • Upload the audios, included in the educational stethoscope, to the virtual classroom. To make easier the learning process, you can listen as many times as you want.
    • Also, it includes some examples from the same pathology, to enable the detection.


#4. Student from home.

Teaching Kit electronic stethoscope allows listening records as many times as you want, from home.

    • The students can listen as many times as they want to practice at home.
    • Just with one click, allows knowing if the pathology is cardiac or respiratory, applying different filters.kit_educativo_estetoscopio_universitario_digital_ekuore_pro_profesor_en_el_aula


  • Teaching Kit eKuore Vet is the perfect kit, excellent for medicine teachers, students, and residents. Even more, incorporates access to an auscultation sounds database taken from doctors.


  • What does the pack include?
  • eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope
  • 5 Intra aural headphones
  • 1 headphones Supra-aural high quality
  • 1 Multi-jack adapter (5 people)
  • 1 tablet
  • 3 Chestpiece (adult, paediatric and infant)
  • Micro usb charger
  • Wireless speaker
  • Brieffcase
  • Access to Data base sounds of pathological auscultations.
  • eKuore-pro-kit-educativo-universitario-fondo-blanco
  • If you want further information about the eKuore educational stethoscope kit, fill in the following contact form, and we will contact you. Even more, you can get the educational kit clicking here.

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