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Benefits of using the electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro

Benefits of using the electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro

The stethoscope is still the most used tool by most health professionals. Mainly emphasizes its use in the first line of access to medical care. It is a great tool very useful for pediatricians and primary care physicians, pneumologists and also nurses.

The innovative digital stethoscope eKuore Pro is a breakthrough and a support for the work of the first step health care physicians. It includes innovative utilities that become benefits and advantages for the professional development of his medical practice.

EKuore Pro electronic stethoscope, besides being used as a traditional stethoscope, includes wifi technology and it interacts with it own app. The doctor can download it easily on his Smartphone and Tablet.

Which are own electronic stethoscope benefits without the app?

#1 It allows traditional auscultation.

The electronic stethoscope is used with the same technique and ease as the classic. Applying it to the patient. It does not require any complexity. Only make a click on the device.

benefits electronic stethoscope pediatrician

#2 It amplifies the cardiac/respiratory  sound

It facilitates the diagnosis in case of imperceptible sounds for the sanitary professional, doing a clear and definite listening. It promotes the weak sounds. It helps professionals with hearing loss.

benefits electronic stethoscope profesionals with hearing loss

#3 It Applies filters to select cardiac or pulmonary noise.

The pulmonary/cardiac filter with only one click is one of the biggest advances that the eKuore Pro incorporates at the disposal of the doctor. It allows facilitating the pathologies detection cardiorespiratory avoiding the professional to derive the patient for the most complex equipment employment.

#4 It is doubly wireless

  1. The electronic stethoscope is used without auditory conduit. It allows increasing the distance with regard to the patient without losing sound quality. It is very effective and suitable in case of infectious patients.
  2. The electronic stethoscope does not have to be connected to the electric current while it is used. Its battery has a duration of up to 25 days.

#5 It includes different types of easily interchangeable bells (Adult, Pediatric and neonatal).

It solves the doctor, or to the clinic that possesses the intelligent electronic stethoscope an effective achievement of the test to different patients without changing device. Every bell possesses the technical characteristics for the listening the adult, pediatric patients and neonatal.

benefits electronic stethoscope chest pieces

What utilities does the app incorporate into the intelligent eKuore stethoscope?

#1  To record the auscultation.

The app of the intelligent stethoscope allows to the professional the follow-up of the patient, including the record in its electronic medical record, for possible consultations.

#2 To display the sounds.

The application of the stethoscope contributes to make objective therapeutic decisions, to monitor the patient, as well as to solve doubts and to strengthen criteria. For it the doctor can reproduce from its phone and/or Tablet the auscultation so many times as consider necessary.

#3 To share the record of the auscultation 

The electronic stethoscope allows professional sends to other partners the record of the test. Being able to use it in clinical meetings, and even in interdisciplinary derivations. The doctor of primary can advance the auscultation to the specialist or service to which the patient is a derivative.

#4 To visualize the phonocardiogram.

It is another element that supports the professional in the reliability of the diagnosis. The electronic stethoscope makes possible to the doctor to visualize the development of the graph at the same time that the listening is realized.

benefits electronic stethoscope phonocardiogram

#5 To listen in common to the auscultation.

The intelligent electronic stethoscope allows the simultaneous listening. To share the auscultation with other professionals for the capture of a decision, as well as with pupils in universities or resident doctors and even with the proper patient with dogmatic ends on the ailment.

benefits electronic stethoscope universities

#6 It facilitates the Telemedicine

These advances of the intelligent electronic stethoscope introduce it in the field of the telemedicine. Its mobile technology makes possible that the intelligent electronic eKuore stethoscope is used from any point. Even for the proper patient from its residence. Who has to continue the indications of its doctor and send to him the test for its clinical determination.

With it promotes two fundamental aspects of the telemedicine

  1. Teleconsultation: the professional can be at another point, to give the indications, to receive the test and to express the diagnosis. The handling and the versatility of the device make possible that the doctor uses it from any consultation, point of the clinic or of the domicile of the patient, without this one losing none of its functionalities.
  2. Home Visits: another sanitary professional can realize the visit and the care of health. To realize the test with the electronic stethoscope and send it to the doctor.

#7 It promotes the sustainability of the system:

The stethoscope eKuore Pro aligns with the modern sanitary tendencies that chase the sustainability and the efficiency. It facilitates the diagnosis without using other more expensive and complex equipments. For what the patient gets the treatment most adapted in accordance with its pathology.

The recording and storage of the test makes possible to the professional the monitoring of the patient, improves its control and helps to keep it stable. Avoiding to consume other sanitary resources.

The doctor can direct the test over a distance obtaining the result at the moment. An economy of the resources takes place.

benefits electronic stethoscope system

#8 Marketing Tool for private clinics

In case of the pediatricians’ consultation and clinics, the intelligent electronic stethoscope is a differentiation element. The fact of being able to record and share the listening with the parents of the beats (or respiration) of its children generates a big acceptance and positive emotiveness.

The parents want to know and share any detail of the infancy of their children. Major is their involvement when it is a question of a sanitary matter related to the health of the children. Therefore they value very positively that doctor allows them to be participants of the auscultation.

#9 It Improves the perception of the professional:

The patients are more formed and introduced in the use of the applications, mobile and computer devices. They have a major access to the knowledge of the illnesses that they endure and about last technologies for its treatment and healing. They hope that the sanitary professionals and centers that attend to them should be integrated to the technological avant-garde.

All these characteristics favor the international implantation of the intelligent electronic stethoscope of eKuore. The eKuore Pro answers to the expectations of the professionals and of the patients.