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The digital otoscope with smartphone connection


What is the eKuore Medical Digital Otoscope?


The digital otoscope allows viewing and recording images or videos through an APP on your smartphone, taking more distance from the patient and therefore reducing the risk of infection.

It incorporates a focus regulator that allows obtaining high quality images in any situation, since the LED light that it incorporates offers a great quality of visualization in cavities with little lighting such as ear or throat. You can record the patient’s status on your smartphone using an APP and send it to a specialist.

 The digital otoscope that connects to your smartphone


Record and send the video otoscope images to a specialist for a second opinion

 High-precision video otoscope and focus adjustment

High precision adjustable focus

The digital otoscope makes it possible to regulate the focus and improve the visibility

 Regulates the intensity of the medical digital otoscope

Adjustable LED light

Allows better visualization of the patient’s condition in cavities with difficult access

 Adaptable cannulas for your digital otoscope

Adaptive cannulas

The medical digital otoscope allows to adapt both for use in adults or pediatric patients

Portable digital otoscope

Smartphone connection

Perform a medical examination with greater distance on the patient to reduce the risk of contagion

Digital otoscope in real time

Real-time video

View the otoscopy on your smartphone or tablet in real time and save the video for monitoring your patients.


Uses of the medical digital otoscope


 Check your ears with the medical digital otoscope

Ear check

The eKuore digital otoscope allows you various uses, including the possibility of accessing those places where it is very difficult due to lack of visibility.

 Digital medical otoscope for nasal examination

Nose scan

Perform nasal exams with the eKuore digital otoscope thanks to its image quality and the ability to regulate light intensity

digital otoscope as dermatoscope

As a dermatoscope

Use the medical digital otoscope as a dermatoscope, thanks to the built-in zoom and easy focus system

 Video otoscope to check the throat

Throat check

With the eKuore video otoscope you can easily access the throat and increase visibility, also eliminates the need to be so close to the patient.


Benefits of the digital otoscope

Throat medical digital otoscope


Allows you to perform digital otoscopies at home in a simple way by contacting a specialist

 Medical digital otoscope for monitoring

Objective monitoring and telemedicine

It makes it possible to see the evolution of the patient by registering an image and video and sending it for an immediate diagnosis

Digital medical otoscope for low vision doctors

Improves visibility

Especially useful for doctors with vision problems, since the image is displayed enlarged and focused

Share progress with the medical digital otoscope

Marketing in private clinics

Involve your patients and make them participate in the diagnosis by showing them the evolution


Benefits of the digital otoscope for the COVID-19

 Medical digital otoscope reduces the risk of contagion


By not having to look through the lens of the otoscope, it is possible to perform an otoscopy at a long distance by viewing the ear canal directly on the Smartphone.

 Interchangeable cannulas medical digital otoscope


The cannulas of the digital otoscope can be easily exchanged and disinfected to minimize the possibility of contagion.

Digital medical otoscope for telemedicine


The digital otoscope for telemedicine allows remote control of evolution, reducing direct contact with the patient


Uses of the medical digital otoscope in professionals

The eKuore Digital Otoscope is a great tool for many healthcare professionals. It´s a very versatile device, discover all the uses in professionals, from primary care doctors to specialists.

It is especially useful for those doctors who suffer from loss of vision or sight, since it reduces the stress of performing an otoscopy by enlarging the image in real time on the smartphone or tablet.

 Digital otoscope for otorhinolaryngologists

Otolaryngologists or dermatologists

Remote monitoring of patients without the need to move.

 Medical digital otoscope for primary care

Pediatricians and primary care

Check the status and evolution of the patient in an objective way through the video otoscope.

 Video otoscope for nurses

Doctors with vision problems

The medical digital otoscope eliminates stress in doctors with vision loss and allows otoscopies to be performed with ease.

 Chronic Patient Medical Digital Otoscope

Chronic patients

Objective tests can be sent to your doctor to monitor your progress with the digital otoscope

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