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“Digital veterinary


Do you know the high precision digital otoscope with smartphone connection?

Digital Veterinary otoscope


High precision portable otoscope that connects to your Smartphone or tablet. It allows you to capture images of the external auditory canal and the eardrum.

It´s perfect to detect diseases or discover the cause of some symptoms: determine the among of present inflammation, if the tympanic membrane is involve, if there are strange bodies, tumors or others potentials causes of the problem.

Do you want to visualize as you will do with the portable otoscope?

Get now your portable veterinary otoscope

Do you want to know how the veterinary otoscope works?

eKuore digital otoscope is the new otoscope that you need on your clinic. Forget the old otoscopes with wires and get your new eKuore digital and portable otoscope. It is a sophisticated otoscope that can be connected with your smartphone or tablet to visualize the eardrum from every part of your clinic or even in home visits. The digital otoscope allows you to capture images from the eardrum and even to see the dentures of small animals, the nasal cavity or use it as dermatoscopy. The veterinary otoscope is portable, and the hight precision is impressive and will give you a high resolution in the images that you capture and the adjustable LED light. The most comfortable portable otoscope, it´s tiny size made of the digital the perfect tool for home visits and a great tool for experiential marketing, because you can show the pet owner the illness of its animal.

Obviously, it´s the main feature is the image quality and the possibility of adjusting the LED light intensity and the focus, which made the smartphone otoscope an indispensable tool. Also, the price is a good reason to choose the digital otoscope for your new clinic or to have two different otoscopes in your clinic. The portable otoscope is the new otoscope that you were searching for, ask for more information filling the contact form or buy your new otoscope in eKuore shop online now. Do you know the others ekuore veterinary products? You can get an electronic stethoscope, a new ECG, cardiac monitor or a digital endoscope on eKuore shop online.


If you want further information about the digital veterinary otoscope, fill the following contact form

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Do you know the uses of the digital veterinary otoscope?

Benefits of the Digital Veterinary otoscope


It allows you to work without obstacles and it can be used in home visits

High precision

Great image quality, High resolution. x500 Zoom.

Information register

It allows you to record and take pictures of the external auditory canal and share them with a specialist.

Seguimiento estetoscopio electronico inalambrico ekuore

Powerful Marketing tool

You can involve the owners, they see the evolution of their pet.

Telemedicina otoscopio veterinario

Perfect for telemedicine

As it is wireless, it allows you to obtain a remote diagnosis

Adjustable LED Light

For greater precision, it incorporates 6 LED lights. You can adjust the intensity manually.

Get now your veterinary otoscope