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Frequent problems eKuore Vet

1. There is audio feedback
  1. Adjust the speakers’ volume to the room where we are going to use it.
  2. Starting by a low volume, tap the bell’s membrane.
  3. Then, raise slowly the volume untill get the suitable volume.

Ajustar volumen fonendoscopio electrónico


  1. The stethoscope should be at least 1 meter away and preferably not facing towards speakers.
  2. Speakers must meet minimum requirements:
    • Minimum speakers: Power 20W. Frequency response 50Hz-20KHz
    • Recommended speakers: Bass control. Power 100W. Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
2. I listen a lot of background noise

Are you using mobile phone?

NO: Adjust the sound on the receiver before auscultating.
SÍ: Press button “ – ” on the receiver untill you obtain a graphic similar to a line.
See video tutorial
I listen a lot of background noise

3. Heat beating sounds very low or i can’t hear it

1. Are you using mobile phone?
YES: Turn up the mobile’s volume
NO: Select “audio device mode” on the receiver

2. This does not work?
Turn up the receiver’s volume

3. Still not working
See problem: The inital animation never disappear


  • Heartbeat escuchadocan not be listened by the phone’s speakers while auscultating.
  • Phone’s speakers provide low quality reproduction for listen sounds with low frequencies, such as heart and lung.
4. Sound cuts off

eKuore works properly to 2 meters distance, however it is recommended to avoid obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver (patients, custommers, metals and other objects…)

If you can not avoid some of this obstacles, try to handle the stethoscope by its top and leave free the bottom in order to maximize the emission power.

5. The initial animation doesn’t disappear

First, open the APP and then connect the receiver. Make sure that is properly connected.Avoid cases.

The problem
Your phone have a low input sensibity.

The solution
1. Remove the receiver from the mobile phone
2. On the receiver, press the symbol + to increase the sesitivity at least 10 times
3. Connect it again to the mobie phone (Remmember to have selected “smartphone mode”)
4. If you are seeing a signal very strong and amplified, everything is going well
5. Adjust again the sensitivity pressing the symbol – at least 10 times to return to its inicial state

Record background noise instead of the auscultation

IMPORTANT If it still does not work, it is possible that your mobile’s audio input doesn’t have microphone or it doesn’t meet the standard CTIA and you will need an adapter for using the device. In this case, contact us to solve the problem.
6. Application detects that the receiver connects and disconnects

This occurs because your mobile is using a GPRS conexion. To solve it, put your mobile on airplane mode..

7. There is no differences when applying filters

That occurs because you have selected the “audio device mode” on the receiver and the sound can’t be processed by the mobile phone. To solve it, please, change the receiver working mode to “smartphone”.

Filtros fonendoscopio

8. I can’t see the beats per minute.

1. Heart symbol “pumps” to the beat of S1 and S2 when it is properly located.
2. Avoid background sound that interfere with the sound registration.
3. Increase or decrease the receiver’s sensitivity untill achieve optimal sound.


Wet the treatment area to compact the fur and reduce the friction noises.

Can not find answer to your problem? Write us!

eKuore Vet user's guide