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fonendoscopio electrónico ekuore pro

Record the auscultation in real time

Veterinary Portable Digital ECG

It allows you to explore inside of your patients.

High precision digital otoscope

A Veterinary stethoscope perfect for animal use

It´s able to transmitt the auscultation to smartphones, tablets, speakers and headphones

graba Fonendoscopio electrónico


The APP enables the auscultation to be recorded in your smarthpone and its evolution to be compared.

Fonendoscopio electrónico reproduce


Displays the auscultation on the phonocardiogram included in the smart wireless stethoscope.

comparte Fonendoscopio electrónico


Send the auscultation to another health care professional, quickly and easily, and get a more precise diagnosis.

Do you know the advantages of the electronic veterinary stethoscope?

Fonendoscopio electrónico ekuore pro producto
filtros Fonendoscopio electrónico

Heart and lung filters applied with a simple click

fonendoscopio electrónico amplifica

Increases up to x20 the auscultation volume (Only amplified version)

campanas Fonendoscopio electrónico

Interchangeable chestpieces

wifi estetosocpio electrónico

WiFi secure wireless connection

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Do you know all the eKuore veterinary products?

Digital ECG Monitor

  • Quick and easy ECG

  • Monitors easily the cardiac activity information

  • Send ECG data easily to a specialist and get a second opinion immediately

  • Cardiac stress test

  • More precise follow – up. Compare the evolution of the patient

Digital Veterinary Otoscope

  • It´s portable and allows you to work without obstacles and it can be used in home visits

  • Great image quality, High resolution. x500 Zoom.

  • It allows you to record and take pictures of the external auditory canal and share them with a specialist

  • You can involve the owners, they see the evolution of their pet.

  • As it is wireless, it allows you to obtain a remote diagnosis.

Digital Veterinary Endoscope

  • Record and visualize in real time

  • Early detection of pathologies

  • Explain easily the diagnosis with a video

  • Explore inside of your patients

  • Send the video to a specialist and get a second opinion

fonendoscopio electrónico producto ekuore pro

Do you want the ekuore Vet II electronic stethoscope?


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