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How can eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope help you in the COVID-19 crisis?

The first smart electronic stethoscope

The electronic stethoscope allows a join listening, recording the auscultation for the diagnosis follow-up or sharing it easily with other professionals

record electronic stethoscope


The eKuore pro app enables the auscultation to be recorded in your smarthpone and its evolution to be compared.

digital stethoscope


Displays the auscultation on the phonocardiogram included in the smart wireless stethoscope.

electronic stethoscope share


Send the auscultation to another health care professional, quickly and easily, and get a more precise diagnosis.

The electronic stethoscope for telemedicine

It allows you to listen remotely through an APP on your Smartphone and use different interchangeable chestpieces to avoid the risk of infection. It is also very useful for doctors who want to continue monitoring chronic patients remotely, to avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital.

record electronic stethoscope


In the absence of a cable that requires maintaining a close distance with the infected patient, the medical professional can listen to the auscultations even from an isolated room and without the need to wear a special suit to avoid infections.

digital stethoscope


The chestpiece is the most critical element of a stethoscope, because it is the part that comes into direct contact with the infected patient. eKuore Pro has interchangeable and sanitable chestpieces

electronic stethoscope share


Patients themselves can send the auscultation quickly and easily from their home to healthcare professionals, thus reducing the risk of infection to a minimum.

Electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro

Electronic stetoscope remote use cases

There are four different ways of remote use, even without contact. It is the most important feature in the fight against the coronavirus, since it prevents new infections, especially among health professionals.

Basic electronic stethoscope auscultation


It is the most basic form of auscultation, just as you would do with a traditional stethoscope. Using headphones directly connected to the eKuore Pro stethoscope.

Electronic stethoscope remote auscultation


To significantly decrease the chances of infection, a person can perform the recording and the doctor can listen and see the phonogram simultaneously or later.

electronic stethoscope reduce risk of contagion


eKuore Pro enables wireless listening via an additional Bluetooth module that sends the sound of the auscultation directly to a Bluetooth headphones.

electronic stethoscope remote monitoring


In cases where the patient is isolated, health professional can auscultate and the doctor can listen remotely.

eKuore Pro the newest technology

The eKuore Pro is a powerful tool for doctors, especially for pediatricians and for primary healthcare. With the eKuore Pro, they will have an immediate second opinion recording and sending the auscultation to a specialist, avoiding unnecessary visits.  eKuore Pro is also the perfect tool for telemedicine. It allows you to get a bidirectional communication; that way, it´s possible to control eKuore Pro from a platform using the API. This characteristic is perfect for bringing access to medicine where there´s not, like rural area or in countries hard to get to hospitals or clinics.

electronic stethoscope ekuore pro product
wireless digital stethoscope ekuore pro filters

Heart and lung filters applied with a simple click

electronic stethoscope ekuore pro increases

Increases up to x20 the auscultation volume  (Only amplified version)

Go to Amplified version


electronic stethoscope ekuore pro chestpieces

Interchangeable chestpieces

electronic stethoscope ekuore pro wifi

WiFi secure wireless connection

The ekuore Pro App

electronic stethoscope ekuore pro recording

Auscultation recording and edition

visualize wireless stethoscope ekuore pro

Display the phonocardiogram on your mobile phone

share electronic stethoscope ekuore pro

Share the auscultation easily

listen electronic stethoscope ekuore pro

Listen jointly

ekuore pro app google play
ekuore pro itunes
app electronic stethoscope ekuore pro

What do the medical profesionals think about eKuore Pro?

The possibility that offers to record cardiac sounds, like a heart murmur, has a lot of value to follow-up the patient because it allows comparing the auscultation at two different periods.”

Dr. Juan Cosín

Head of Cardiology at Hospital Arnau de Vilanova, Valencia

“It allows comparing patients´evolution objectively and precise and besides it allows to get a second opinion from a specialist.”

Dr. Mª Dolores Marco

Primary care physician in Burjassot Specialization Centre

“The eKuore Pro stethoscope allows improving some areas like primary care, cardiology or paediatrics, eliminating unnecessary consultations.”

Dr. Alfonso Valle

Head of Cardiology at Hospital Marina Salud, Denia

Thanks to the eKuore Pro digital stethoscope is possible to apply cardiac and respiratory filters that enable the students to understand and identify each auscultation sound type.”

Dr. Santiago Figueroa

Thoracic surgery at Hospital Clínico, Valencia

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    electronic stethoscope ekuore pro product

    Do you want to get an eKuore pro smart wireless digital stethoscope?

    Do you know the Teaching Kit eKuore Pro?

    Teaching kit stethoscope ekuore pro
    • Powerful tool for learning of medical students and residents.

    • It improves the understanding of pathologies

    • Listen simultaneity until 6 people in medical consultation

    • Upload at virtual classroom the auscultation sounds recording during the clinic session

    • Share the real sound recording through the stethoscope with your students

    Are you looking for your first stethoscope or do you want to change your outdated classic stethoscope? The best electronic stethoscope can be yours in just some clicks. Do you know all the features that the eKuore Pro will offer you?
    An analogue stethoscope just let you auscultate, and this made a subjective diagnosis, but the electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro will allow you to record, play and share the auscultation. Even more, is you need more amplification, there is an amplified version of the eKuore Pro that will give you 10dB. More of amplification. The best characteristic of an electronic stethoscope is that you will have an objective diagnostic and ask for a second opinion easily and quickly.
    You can use the stethoscope in two different modes. The wifi mode (blue light) lets you connect the stethoscope with your smartphone or tablet and see the phonocardiogram in real-time. Also, you can record the auscultation to share it with other doctors and get a second opinion. The second mode is the energy saver mode (green light), which is perfect for a doctor that doesn´t want to record or see the phonogram. This mode permits to listen directly from the eKuore Pro without creating a wifi network which made a long way battery.
    The basic pack is formed by an interchangeable chestpiece, earbuds, manual and access to the eKuore Pro App. Additionally, eKuore Pro leaves you to change filters between heart, lung and wide range.
    It´s the moment to get an objective tool in your clinic to diagnosticate accurately. Do you need more information about eKuore Pro? Fill the contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.
    Do you want to buy the eKuore Pro stethoscope? Click on “Buy now” to go to our shop online.