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Telemedicine digital stethoscope

“Connecting health to new technologies”

digital stethoscope eKuore Pro

eKuore Pro the first smart digital stethoscope

We develop medical devices connected to the latest mobile technologies-mHealth

What do our devices provide ?

telemedicine digital stethoscope ekuore

Enables telemedicine

Devices that improve patient care at home


Objective follow-up digital stethoscope

Objective follow-up

Compares the patient’s condition objectively over several periods of time

diagnosis wireless electronic stethoscope ekuore pro

More precise diagnosis

Compare the physiological parameters to a database and get an objective diagnosis

efficiency wireless electronic stethoscope ekuore

Improves the efficiency of the health care system

20% reduction of unnecessary medical consultations

uncertainty digital stethoscope ekuore pro

Reduces the level of uncertainty

Get a second medical opinion immediately though our electronic stethoscope

Remote monitoring electronic stethoscope ekuore pro

Remote monitoring

Enable 24/7 patient monitoring

What does the press say about eKuore and the digital stethoscope?

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Use cases of the digital stethoscope

The eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope helps health professionals

pediatricians digital stethoscope ekuore pro


An auscultation sent to a colleague allows them to improve el treatment for chronic patients and home visits

pediatricians digital stethoscope ekuore pro


Recording, visualizing and sharing the auscultation enable pediatricians a much more precise follow-up of the patient’s evolution

hearing impairments wireless electronic stethoscope ekuore pro

Professionals with hearing impairments

By setting the electronic stethoscope volume they can have again an auscultation according to their needs.

digital stethoscope ekuore pro primary care

Primary health care

A more precise diagnosis will be attained with the intelligent electronic stethoscope since it can be checked quickly with a specialist doctor

wireless stethoscope ekuore procardiologists


They enable the number of medical consultations to be reduced, since the eKuore pro electronic stethoscope provides more objective data to be filtered between consultations.

digital stethoscope universities


Recording and comparing several clinical cases by means of an intelligent stethoscope increases the performance by students and improves their understanding.

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