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endoscopio digital ekuore

“Amplified stethoscope for hearing aids”

eKuore pro is the amplified stethoscope for doctors with hearing loss

Electronic stethoscope amplified eKuore Pro

eKuore Pro is the amplified stethoscope for  hearing impaired users  or doctors with hearing loss, which allows you to adapt the auscultation to your hearing needs


You will have again a satisfactory auscultation


What does the amplified stethoscope allow you to do?

estetoscopio amplificado ekuore pro

 Amplify the sound

fonendoscopio Conexión audífonos

 Hearing aids connection

Estetosocpio Conexión Jack para auriculares

Jack connection for headphones

Campanas de auscultación intercambiales

Smartphones connection

estetoscopio amplificado graba y comparte auscultación

Record and share the auscultation

Aplica Filtros estetoscopio

Apply Heart and Lung Filters

Which doctors with hearing loss find a solution using the amplified stethoscope for the hearing impaired?

ecg alivecor


Mild and progressive hearing loss

(Without hearing aids)

Conductive/Sensorineural Hearing loss

Doctors with hearing aids

Sensorineural Hearing loss

Cochlear implant users

Conections that allows the amplified stethoscope eKuore Pro

Jack connection – Amplified stethoscope

estetoscopio amplificado jack

Jack + Headphones

estetoscopio amplificado audifono

Jack + interface hearing aids + Hearing aids

estetoscopio amplificado implante

Jack + cochlear implant

 Wireless connection- Amplified stethoscope

estetoscopio amplificado telefono

Wifi + Smartphone + Bluetooth + Hearing aids/ headphones /interface receiver

Graba y visualiza endoscopio digital

Bluetooth transmitter +Bluetooth+ hearing aids / headphones / interface receiver

We have an audiologist service to offer a customized solution

How can we advise you?



Our audiologist adviser has made some auscultation specific configurations to offer customized solution  for every user.

  • Customized solution for your needs
  • Consulting services for your audiologist to program specific frequencies configured by our own team


Collaboration with


Information request – Amplified stethoscope

If you need further information, fill in the following contact form and we will contact you


Our partner from Germany



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