veterinary stethoscope ekuoer vet electronic

eKuore Vet the electronic veterinary stethoscope 

A Veterinary stethoscope perfect for animal use

eKuore is an electronic veterinary stethoscope able to transmitt the auscultation to smartphones, tablets, speakers and headphones. Listen, increase the auscultation volume, alone or in groups and save the audio to share

 veterinary stethoscope listen

Listen loud and clear

eKuore Vet electronic veterinary stethoscope amplifies 20 times the auscultation sounds. This let you listen any animal’s heart or lungs to listen the interesting sounds.

veterinary stethoscope Loyalty

Record and share

Thank’s to an totally free APP compatible with Android and iOS, you will can save and share the auscultation. Obtain other opinion o follow up the diagnosis was never so easy.

veterinary stethoscope record

Loyality of your customers

Connect eKuore to the speakers or headphones, play your records and teach to your clients happens with their pets. Share the treatments evolution. Show how a healthy patient and ill patient sounds. Attach the record to the patient file.

Do you want to get to know all the advantages of the electronic veterinary stethoscope eKuore Vet?

Veterinary electronic eKuore Vet advantages

Discover a new way of auscultate


Remove the tube and improve the quality with the bluetooth communication

Medical APP

FREE APP handly and friendly that let you use the eKuore even from the smartphone


Replaceable chestpiece

Change chestpiece easily. Available two diameters: standard and pediatrics

Recording in real time

The auscultation audio remain saved and let you visualize and edit it thanks to the APP

Smartphone connection

Thanks to the receiver is possible to connect with the smartphone, Tablet and audio devices


Share the auscultation from the electronic veterinary stethoscope ekuore Vet APP with any messaging application

Groups listening

Play your records in real time, perfect to listen the auscultation with a group, your clients or patients

Follow up the diagnosis

Follow the patient evolution or treatments thank to the audio recorded with the mobile device

eKuore in action

A veterinary clinic or an University are some of the places where the vets are working daily with eKuore.

eKuore Vet II Generation

What improvements has over the I Generation?

  • Improves the audio quality

  • Reduces unwanted noise by eliminating ambient noise

  • Increases WiFi connectivity and it´s compatible with all the operating systems

  • Increases usability applying heart and lung filters from the device.

  • Eliminates the receiver

  • Records directly from the stethoscope.

  • It´s possible to integrate the stethoscope into their platform using an API.

Now get your electronic veterinary stethoscope eKuore Vet

Buy it online and you will receive in only 7 days.

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Do you know the Premium Kit eKuore Vet stethoscope?

  • Interact with your customers and involve them with the diagnosis

  • Share the diagnosis of the  patient through the speaker

  • Powerful tool for learning

  • Improve the understanding of pathologies

  • Listen simultaneity in your clinic

  • Share the real sound recording through the stethoscope

stethoscope premium kit ekuore

Kit Premium Vet I

Kit Premium Vet II

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