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Frecuently asked questions


What are the main features of stethoscope Ekuore?
  • Being wireless, the physical limitation of the traditional stethoscope tubes are removed.
  • Forget the annoying traditional stethoscope olives, use your headphones and even speakers.
  • Transmitted by bluetooth to a speaker to listen auscultation several people at once.
  • Connect eKuore with its simple and free APP to record, play and share.
  • Send the case to a colleague or records the data in your patient record with a click.
Is it difficult to use ekuore?

ekuore is very simple to use, however we recommend reading the manual to become thoroughly familiar with the device before to use. You will be amazed with the possibilities without complex learning processes.

What advantages does a digital stethoscope against traditional one?

There are other digital stethoscopes on the market, however eKuore is wireless and also compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices as tablets and smartphones, which offers improved digital stethoscope advantages and also the versatility putting dispose of all information on the phone.

Do have more questions?

Check our Help Center where you’ll find more questions and answers, manuals and video tutorials.

Use in general medicine

How to use electronic stethoscope Ekuore on people?

The basic operation of the stethoscope is no different from a traditional one, in any case, has a manual where all the details are described.

Should I have some caution in patients with pacemakers?
Communications technology is built using certified devices and don’t pose a risk to the health of patients.
Can it harm the fetus of pregnant women?
Communications technology is developed with certified devices and do not pose a risk to the health of patients.

Animal use

Using electronic stethoscope Ekuore on animals?
The basic operation of the stethoscope is no different from a traditional one, in any case, has a manual where all the details are described.
Can I use Ekuore in all kinds of animals?

eKuore has been tested with good results in small animals (hedgehogs, rabbits, dogs and cats), reptiles (lizards, snakes) in birds (eagles, parrots, chickens), large animals (horses, cattle).

In marine animals because the frequency of water movements interfere with heart allowed only perform pulmonary auscultation (dolphins, walruses, seals)

Safety and certifications

Does Ekuore with European Directives on health and safety?
eKuore have all the requirements for health and safety of European Directives.
Does Ekuore with CE (European Conformity) and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)?
eKuore is CE marked as in compliance with the European Low Voltage Directive (2006/95 / EC) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (2004/108 / EC)


Where can I buy the electronic stethoscope Ekuore?

You can buy it through this website and also we provide several distributors, veterinary field and Medic field, ask to your authorized dealer for the “Wireless Stethoscope eKuore”.

What is the price of the electronic stethoscope Ekuore?

The Basic Kit eKuore RRP is € 399 plus VAT

Is it possible to order by phone?

Yes. Ordering Phone +34 961 15 67 38

What can I do if I have problems with the purchase?

Please contact us by sending an email to info@ekuore.com or calling to +34 961 15 67 38

Can I purchase many units?

We have discount for volume purchases of units, please contact us via phone or info@ekuore.com

If I’m not satisfied. Can I return it?

Indeed, has 15 working days for testing and you can return if you aren’t satisfied with the device. We will be at your disposal to help you during all the process.

Which is the guarantee of the product?

Upon receiving the product, will be warranted for two years. You can read the warranty terms clicking here.


What payment methods can I use?

The possibilities offered are credit card, bank transfer and Paypal.

What can I do if I have problems with the purchase?

If you encounter any problems during the process, please contact us via our email info@ekuore.com or phone +34 961 15 67 38.

Can I get invoice for my company?

After placing your order you will get the same bill linked to the NIF indicating to us, both for businesses and individuals.

Is the payment secure?

The Virtual POS “Connect Your Business” Banco Santander enables online payment by credit card, debit or prepaid, with a similar to a conventional POS functionality. Allows payment under Secure Electronic Commerce through the 4B system.


How much are the shipping costs?
  • Spain, Free
  • Other countries, you can see the shipping cost before the purchase in our e-commerce
How long does delivery?
At the time the transfer is made.
  • 2 days for domestic shipments
  • 7 days Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla
  • 5 days Europe
  • 7-10 days outside Europe
What countries do you ship the product?
  • European Union
  • Other countries on request


How should I do to return an item?

To return an item you must include in its original packaging with accessories and give us a direction to within 48 / 72horas a courier pick it up.

Do I have to pay something for my refund?

We distinguish two cases:

1.-No accordance with Article

  • National – No, only in case of setting the trial period (15 natural days).
  • International – The customer is responsible shipping.

2. Device failure
If within the warranty period, the customer exercises its right to security and eKuore responsible for all expenses.

How and when will I receive my refund?

Once received and verified the product status refund thereof is made to the current account specified within 7-14 days.