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European device revolutionizes equine auscultations

eKuore is the first wireless electronic stethoscope pairable with smartphones. Its technology captures every sound enabling reliable auscultations on noisy environments. The instrument will be available at BEVA Congress at the special price of 250 £.

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eKuore – High technology touches animals’ hearts

A digital developer company launches eKuore an electronic stethoscope that can be connected with smartphones and capable of capturing even the most subtle auscultations in high definition. eKoure’s mission is to take medical devices to the next level and on to the...

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eKuore arrives at the French market at the FranceVet congress

The eKuore wireless electronic stethoscope has entered the French market since June, through the "FranceVet", the largest veterinary appointment in the French country. After having other positive experiences by exports to the English market, it is now the turn for the...

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Raffle of eKuore AVEPA-SEVC

  Hello everyone! First of all, thank you for having participated in the eKuore raffle and coming to visit our Stand. It was a pleasure to share the time with you. Without further ado, we will proclaim the winner of the draw: MARIA PÉREZ (Córdoba) Congratulations...

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Medical devices that connect to the mobile

Can you imagine being able to connect medical devices with your mobile phone? Then we invite you to meet in a brief interview an entrepreneurial idea that is dedicated to developing this type of device. What do you call yourself and what do you dedicate yourself to?...

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