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Digital Veterinary Otoscope eKuore

€ 200,00
€ 242,00 (With TAX, only Europe)

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High precision portable otoscope that connects to your Smartphone or tablet.
It allows you to capture images of the external auditory canal and the eardrum.

– Examination of external ear and eardrum
– Denture exam
– Dermatoscope
– Examination of nostrils

Otoscope features:

    • Portable. It allows you to work without obstacles and it can be used in home visits.
    • High precision. Great image quality, High resolution. x500 Zoom.
    • Registration of information. It allows you to record and take pictures of the external auditory canal and share them with a specialist.
    • Great Marketing tool. You can involve the owners, they see the evolution of their pet.
    • Perfect for Telemedicine. As it is wireless, it
      allows you to obtain a remote diagnosis.
    • Adjustable LED. For greater precision, it
      incorporates 6 LED lights. You can adjust the intensity manually.

Device compatible with ANDROID and IOS


SKU: EK3007 Category: Veterinary



  • Otoscope
  • WIFI Module
  • 4 Protective cannulas
  • USB charging cable


  • Size: Diameter 5.4 mm x 161 mm
  • Manual focus: 0.5 cm – 10 cm
  • Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Zoom x500
  • 6 LED Lights, Manual Adjustment
  • Compatibility: iOS / Android
  • Waterproof: Yes IP67
  • Charger power (WiFi Module): 5V

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14.5 × 5 cm

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