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eKuore Vet II veterinary electronic stethoscope

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eKuore Vet II is the first veterinary electronic stethoscope able to connect wirelessly to mobile devices by WiFi technology.

  • Quick and easy auscultation by headphones
  • Applies heart and lung filters from the device
  • Beats per minutes measure.
  • Auscultation recording, visualize and edition
  • Sends the auscultation to another veterinary
  • Increases up to x20 the auscultation volume
  • Interchangeable chestpieces – standardized and small animals.
  • Phonogram visualization.

What improvements has over the I Generation?

  • Improves the audio quality
  • Reduces unwanted noise by eliminating ambient noise
  • Increases WiFi connectivity and it´s compatible with all the operating systems
  • Increases usability applying heart and lung filters from the device.
  • Eliminates the receiver
  • Records directly from the stethoscope.
  • It´s possible to integrate the stethoscope into their platform using an API.

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    SKU: E2K0002 Category: Veterinary


    The pack include:

    1. eKuore Vet II electronic stethoscope.
    2. eKuore Vet II medium chestpiece (35.5mm).
    3. Earbuds.
    4. Charging cable USB.
    5. Extended user manual.
    6. Quick start guide

    eKuore Vet II is the electronic wireless stethoscope that allows veterinary professionals to record, process or share tha auscultation quickly and easily for a second opinion or the treatment follow-up. This device has been engineered to improve the efficacy, both for diagnosis and follow-up of the patient´s evolution.


    • Veterinaries: Recording, visualizing and sharing the auscultation enable veterinaries a much more precise follow-up of the patient’s evolution.
    • Professionals with hearing impairments: By setting the electronic bluetooth stethoscope volume they can have again an auscultation according to their needs.
    • Cardiologists: They enable the number of veterinary consultations to be reduced, since the eKuore Vet electronic bluetooth stethoscope provides more objective data to be filtered between consultations.
    • Universities: Recording and comparing several clinical cases by means of an smart bluetooth stethoscope increases the performance by students and improves their understanding.

    The eKuore Vet II electronic wireless stethoscope features an ergonomic design that simplifies its use by veterinary professionals.

    • Interchangeable chestpieces adapted to the needs of veterinary professionals
    • Weight (without chestpiece): 85 gr
    • Dimensions (without chestpiece): 13cm x 5cm x 3cm (W x D x H)
    • Weitght (with chestpiece): 150gr
    • Dimensions (with chestpiece): 13cm x 5 cm x cm (W x D x H)
    • Built in high-quality stainless steel. It features a screw system for an easy interchange.
    • Three diameters aavailable: 35,5mm, 42mm y 28mm.
    • Anti-cold treatment for a more comfortable use by the patient.
    • Latex not included.
    • Rechargeable lithium-polymer integrated battery with microUSB connector.
    • Battery life up to 25 days of normal use at the medical office.
    • Battery life up to 7 hours of uninterrupted use for auscultations with full charge.
    • Quick charging system in 2 hours.
    • Low battery indicator.


    • iOS 7.1 or higher. Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
    • Android from version 4.0.

    For its full operation, the free eKuore Pro digital electronic wireless stethoscope App should be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

    If you require further information about eKuore please visit our support section, where you will find the User Manual and Video Tutorials.

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    Weight 0.350 kg
    Dimensions 20 × 14 × 5.5 cm