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Otoscope Camera

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€ 398,09 (With TAX, only Europe)

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The eKuore medical otoscope camera allows viewing and recording images or videos through an APP on the Smartphone

  • It incorporates a focus regulator that allows obtaining high quality images.
  • The built-in led light offers high quality viewing in dimly lit cavities.
  • Through an app on the smartphone we record the patient’s otoscopy so that it can be evaluated by a specialist, since with the wifi module, you can turn it into wireless.
  • Great tool for professionals with vision loss.

otoscope camera available Europe


  1. Otoscope Camera
  2. Speculums Pack
  3. User manual

The eKuore otoscope camera has a number of benefits:

1. Wireless. The fact that the video otoscope is wireless, facilitates telemedicine, by allowing remote otoscopies to be performed.
2. Adjustable focus. The otoscope camera has a sensor to regulate the focus, which improves visibility during otoscopy.
3. Adjustable LED light. The intensity of the light can be regulated, having 3 different levels of power.
4. Adaptive cannulas. It adapts to the size of the patient and can choose between interchangeable speculums of 2 different sizes.
5. Smartphone connection. The otoscope camera has a simple system to save the images from the otoscopy and attach them to the medical file.
6. Real-time video. In addition to taking pictures, it allows real-time viewing on your smartphone or tablet.

The otoscope camera is a device created for use by the following professionals:
Otolaryngologists or dermatologists. As specialists, they are the segment that can see a very useful tool in the otoscope camera.
Doctors with vision problems. The greatest benefits of the otoscope camera are those of doctors with loss of sight, as the image on the screen of a smartphone or tablet is enlarged.
Pediatricians and primary care. The otoscope camera is a tool widely used by both pediatricians and primary care physicians. This tool increases the distance with the patient and improves the visibility of otoscopy.
Chronic patients. In chronic diseases, it allows continuous monitoring of the patient’s evolution in a quick and simple way.

The eKuore otoscope camera has a wide variety of uses:

  • Ear check. The traditional use of the digital otoscope will be much easier and with a better view of the area with the eKuore otoscope camera.
  • Nose scan. The eKuore otoscope camera allows you to do nose scans thanks to its interchangeable cannulas.
  • Dermatoscope. Its optical zoom allows you to clearly see skin irregularities.
  • Throat check. With the otoscope camera, the throat of patients can also be seen more clearly.

To clean the mirror or lenses, use only a clean, dry cloth specifically for optical use. Do not use alcohol or other chemical solutions. Clean the lens with a cotton ball or alcohol-soaked lens paper. The head housing can be cleaned and disinfected with a low or intermediate level sanitary cleaner, disinfecting wipes incorporating a 1:10 sodium hypochlorite (bleach) solution or alcohol. For accessory speculums, wash with plenty of water and disinfect with ethyl alcohol after each use.
The front lens portion of this device is waterproof and can be cleaned by wiping disinfection. The focus controller and touch button for the brightness part are not waterproof.
It is strictly forbidden to immerse the otoscope camera for disinfection.

  • Resolution: 1MP, 1280×720
  • Anti-vibration shutter function
  • Integrated LED, adjustable by touch sensor (3 levels)
  • Video speed: Max. 30 FPS
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Lens diameter: 5mm
  • Product size: 123x22x22 mm
  • Weight: 0.25 Kg

There are 2 different sizes of cannulas:
Adults: Diameter: 4mm, Long: 30 mm
Pediatric: Diameter: 2mm, Long: 33mm
To clean, follow the steps indicated in the instructions, under “Cleaning and disinfection”, although the use of a cannula is recommended for each patient.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 7 cm