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Portable Vet Pulse Oximeter

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The eKuore portable vet pulse oximeter allows you to check your blood oxygen saturation and heart rate. This medical device is reusable and adapts to animals of different shapes and sizes.

It can be used both in operations, generating an anaesthesia table automatically; as in post-operative surgery, during hospitalization, to monitor the patient and know their status at all times through an APP on your smartphone or tablet.

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    Category: Veterinary


    The pack contains:

    • eKuore Portable Vet Pulse Oximeter
    • SpO2 Sensor
    • 2 clamps
    • Case
    • User Manual

    1. Increase the efficiency of your clinic by automating the anesthesia table through the APP of the portable vet pulse oximeter, eliminating the possibility of human error.
    2. Remote monitoring during the postoperative period. Reduces continuous patient checks, by being able to continuously see the status of these, up to 10 meters from the patient.
    3. Saving. Use it as a multiparametric monitor in postoperative periods, at a much lower cost.
    4. Continuous monitoring. You can keep monitoring the patient during other tests (X-rays, ultrasounds …) or even when transporting critical patients to another hospital or clinic.

    Hospitalization Mode: Monitor the patient in the postoperative period with the portable vet pulse oximeter, monitoring blood oxygen saturation and heart rate. Configure the ranges in which the APP will alert you if the patient is out of range.

    Operation Mode:
    It can be used during operations and to configure alarms. This mode records the values ​​that will generate the anaesthesia table for the indicated time.

    1. Clean the portable vet pulse oximeter with a soft or cotton cloth moistened with water. Do not use any type of solvents or isopropyl alcohol as it can melt the paint.
    2. Dry the excess of water with a soft cloth.
    3. Allow the pulse oximeter to air dry.

    The recommended disinfectants include: 70% ethanol, 70% isopropanol, glutaraldehyde (2%) solution disinfectants.
    1. Clean the pulse oximeter as instructed above.
    2. Disinfect the pulse oximeter with cotton or soft cloth moistened with one of the recommended disinfectants.
    3. 3. After disinfection, be sure to wipe off the disinfectant left on the pulse oximeter with a soft cloth moistened with water.
    4. Allows the pulse oximeter to air dry.

    Voltaje de funcionamiento: D.C.2.32V~D.C.3.4V
    Battery type: Two common 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
    ower consumption: Smaller than 80mA
    Portable Pulse oximeter vet size: 150mm × 90mm × 26mm
    Weight: 116g±1g (Do not contain batteries and sensor)
    Wireless communication: Bluetooth Class II (Distance less than 10m)

    Measurement range: 35~100%
    Accuracy: ±2% (80%~100%); ±3%(70%~79%)
    The method of confirming the blood oxygen measurement accuracy is to compare the oximetry measurement value with the value of blood gas analyzer.

    Measurement range: 25~250bpm
    Accuracy: ±2bpm
    Pulse Rate accuracy has passed proving and comparison with SpO2 simulator.