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What veterinary professionals think about the eKuore Vet stethoscope?

Enrique Ynaraja 

Cardiologist, Cardiovet.

Cardiology recognize member by AVEPA

“As marketing tool with owners and communication instrument to promote services can´t be compared with other options. If you share the heart murmur with the pet´s owners or show them a normal sound that you have a record before to explain the differences, it will be much more likely that they can understand the cardiac disease that his pet has. It would change their opinion and get ready to start and early treatment of the cardiac process without relying just on the veterinary explaining that he´s listening to a heart murmur.

Allow them to heard sibilant rhonchi, breath sounds, stertors, heart murmurs or arrhythmias involve the owners in the clinical process. This way, they can interact and see the heart murmur, to take a decision.
If we already know that the owners find to get an echography CD interesting, get the heart sounds of his pets in their smartphones will, for sure, improve the confidence with the treatment and to check-up the cardiac and respiratory problems.”

Kieran Borgeat (UK)


American, European and RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology

“The eKuore electronic stethoscope has proven to be a reliable device for recording high quality heart sounds and a visual phonocardiogram in both dogs and cats. It is easy to use with both the smartphone and tablet interfaces. As a Veterinary Specialist in Cardiology, I have used the device in a range of patient sizes, from small cats to giant breed dogs. It has performed very well. Recording the heart sounds from dogs and cats with both congenital and acquired heart diseases is allowing me to build a library of heart and lung sounds, which I can use for practical teaching in my clinic and for lecturing to larger groups of veterinarians. Once exported from the device to a computer for storage and playback, the quality of the sound recorded by the eKuore is better than any I have heard so far on the electronic stethoscope market.”

Edwar Wefer (Spain)

Graduated by Francisco de Miranda University (UNEFM)

Specialist veterinary in exotic animals in Vivaria Clinic (Valencia)

“This new device, a wireless electronic stethoscope that sends the information via Bluetooth.

It´s the first time that I heard the heartbeats of a little lizard! And I have it record on my smartphone! The most important advantage is the approach to the client, that can hear the same that you are listening.

This technology was born in Málaga and was developed in Valencia. 100% Made in Spain! Congratulations eKuore, it was an excellent idea!.”

Laura Gil (Spain)

Teacher and UCV Internal Medicine Service Responsible

“I think it is fascinating to record the sound and register it to send or share the auscultation with co-workers or students.”

Monica Valls (Spain)

Veterinary in Oceanografic (Valencia)

“It is more useful and versatile, for the veterinary and the trainer”

Alberto Montoya

Animal Medicine Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary in Las Palmas

“The last device update is already a useful tool for the veterinary, and even, for the owner if he wants it as a household tool. In other hand, the electronic stethoscope is an interesting tool to improve in telemedicine.”

Dr Jordi López Álvarez (UK)

LdoVet DipECVIM-CA (Cardiology) PhD MRCVS

European Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology

“Filtering external sounds out whilst amplifying cardiac and respiratory sounds is very helpful for the detection of early cardiac and respiratory diseases.

The quality of the sound obtained with my eKuore is excellent!”

Juan Carlos Jiménez de la Puerta (Spain)

Graduated and doctor in Veterinary by UCM

“The possibility of saving and send the cardiac and respiratory sounds allows others co-workers to share it and, sometimes, advise about other possible pathologic situations.

Also, it is beneficial to train new professionals that are beginning his careers, and they aren´t used to distinguish between normal and pathological sounds.

Without any doubt, the electronic stethoscope is a useful tool to include the owner and explain what is happen and why.”