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ECG electronic

“Veterinary Cardiac monitor which can be connected with smartphones”


Do you know the veterinary cardiac monitor which can be connected with smartphones?

Digital veterinary Cardiac Monitor


It is the latest generation cardiac monitor with connection to your Smartphone. This device allows you to collect, process and send a 1 lead EKG in just 30 seconds.

Use it as a hospitalization, operator and post-op monitor and place it in just 3 minutes. This Wireless Cardiac Monitor allows making test effort in animals needing them.

How does the veterinary Cardiac Monitor work?

“Connect health to new mobile technologies”

ecg en tu smartphone ekuore

Immediately ECG in your Smartphone

Allows you to get a 1 lead EKG in just 30 seconds.

prueba de esfuerzo ecg ekuore

Cardiac stress test

Wireless allows you to make from distance clinical measures

Monitor ecg

Operator and post-op monitor

Monitors easily the cardiac activity information

ecg alivecor

Follow the patients’s evolution

More precise follow – up. Compare the evolution of the patient

Digital veterinary ECG


Send easily ECG data to a specialist and get a second opinion immediately

telemedicina ECG

Holter-Telemedicine-experiential marketing

Monitoring distantly in real time and invites to your client to take decisions

“Marketing tool in your clinic: The Digital Veterinary Cardiac Monitor Interact with your clients”

Digital Veterinary Cardiac Monitor benefits

Facil de usar ecg digital

Easy to use

Monitors more patients, fast and easy. Avoid the stress and shaving in most of the animals.

uso con smartphones ecg monitor

Smartphone connection

Store in your smartphone the cardiac activity information.

herramienta de marketing ecg digital

Marketing tool

Interact with your clients and invites them to take decisions.

práctico ecg digital

Practical monitor

Use it as a hospitalization, operator and post-op monitor and place it in just 3 minutes.

preciso ecg digital electrónico

Precise and flexible

Obtain a diagnosis and look the results in the PC software.

registro de la información ecg digital

Information registers

Store in a safe way the ECG data. You can analyse, share and print the cardiac activity information

eKuore have two different cardiac monitoring devices depending on your necessities, a cardiac monitor and a digital EKG. A cardiac monitor is a powerful tool in hospitalization, operator and post operator because it gives you the cardiac rhythm in realtime. It´s very easy to place it in just 30 seconds, and you can get three different leads depending on what you need or if some areas block to get lead II. It also can be used as a heart rate monitor during a test effort without the necessity of shave the animal. Monitor the cardiac heart rhythm on a smartphone or tablet is a convenient way for veterinarians to monitor or detect arrhythmias providing the electrocardiogram to a monitoring centre where the data can be interpreted immediately.

The eKuore cardiac monitor allows to collect, process and send the electrocardiography to a specialist and get an immediate second opinion, without the need to move or lost the image quality. Avoid the paper use and attached the electrocardiography in the patient file. The eKuore veterinary cardiac monitor allows to monitor distantly in realtime and is a powerful marketing tool because you can show your client the results and they can make decisions about the diagnosis, and it´s more probable that they accept the treatment.

To sum up, the cardiac monitor is a strong device for monitoring your patients in just 30 seconds. Do you want your cardiac monitor? Buy it on eKuore shop online.

Do you need an ECG? You can consult other veterinary devices that can be connected with smartphones or tablets; you can check our digital six leads ECG, electronic stethoscope, digital endoscope and the digital otoscope. Contact us by filling the contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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