What types of care do cats need in winter?

Cats are more sensitive to temperature changes than us, so it is normal that during the cold winter days you will notice how your cat is hidden between blankets or near the radiator. In addition, they have a natural mechanism of renewal or shedding of fur that helps them prepare their hair for the harsh winter.

What types of care do cats need in winter?


Your cat will appreciate a blanket in winter

There are cats more sensitive to the cold and that need more attention: Little hair cats. Breeds such as Siamese with little hair, or others with none like the Sphinx will need more shelter than those with natural protection with more hair. A blanket in a place safe from currents and in a warm area at home will be ideal for them. Kittens. Kittens have an immune system to develop and are more exposed to diseases; you have to give them a special diet for them and always take care of the cold. Cats “in the third age”. Cats over 7 years old have weaker defenses and can withstand the cold worse. Sick cats. Like people, cats when they are sick have lower defenses and are more exposed. Do cats get colds? Of course. The symptoms are like those of our colds and it is easy to realize: watery eyes, sneezing, mucus, apathy … If this case arrives, take it to the veterinarian to avoid complications that may affect the lungs and the respiratory system. If your cat is an adventurer and likes to leave the house also in winter, a day of snow or intense cold may cause him to suffer hypothermia. If this happens you have to act quickly, warm him with a blanket, rub his body with energy and bring him some source of heat like a hot water bottle. Consult with your veterinarian, he will give you the indications and recommendations to follow in each case.

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