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eKuore Medical Devices

Innovative medical technology for telehealth since 2012.

Ekuore developed the first digital stethoscope, eKuore Pro for human health and eKuore Vet for animal health.

Currently, eKuore is working in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim pharmaceuticals researching and developing tools to early detect Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).

Alongside Hospital La Fe in Spain, we are researching and developing tools to detect innocent heart murmurs.



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Continue development of digital devices for telehealth use, with implementation of Artificial Intelligence tools to aid early diagnosis

eKuore 2021

eKuore Pro helped reducing infection and spreading of COVID-19 during primary health care auscultations. Granted FDA approval to launch in US market

eKuore 2020

eKuore research and developed a prediagnostic tool for paediatric cardiology with La Fe Hospital in Spain.

eKuore 2019

Expanded Animal Health Products and portfolio, to provide a full diagnostics integration.

eKuore 2018

eKuore research in alliance with pharmaceutical Boehringer Ingelheim starts developing tools for early diagnostics of IPF.

eKuore 2017

eKuore launched the first digital stethoscope for Human Health and granted CE marking.

eKuore 2016

Winner of the SME Award on technology development. And the INJUVE Award of research.

eKuore 2015

Granted CE marking for its products and launched the first eKuore Vet digital stethoscope into the market.

eKuore 2014

eKuore becomes international by the help and support of Business Accelerator Program “Lanzadera” and relocated to Valencia Spain.

eKuore 2013

Since stablished in 2012, eKuore developed the first digital stethoscope.

eKuore 2012

Mission Statement

Accelerate the early detection of certain cardiac and pneumological pathologies, by the means of studying clinical data, analysing, and applying artificial intelligence algorithms

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